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Eddie Cantor on DVD

Discussion in 'DVD' started by bigshot, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. TJPC

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    Jul 15, 2016
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    Terry Carroll
    I started being an Eddie Cantor fanatic in University, when he was part of the nostalgia craze in the 1960’s along with Mae West, W.C. Fields, The Marx Brothers, and Laurel and Hardy. A local TV station would play “Kid Millions” and his other Goldwyns quite often, but always after 1:00 a.m. I would set an alarm and watch them on the old B&W set in my bedroom at my parents house and had the musical numbers taped on my audio cassette player. I finally had them just about memorized.

    Later I had my first job, set up my first apartment and bought my first TV set. I was excited to see that “Kid Millions” was going to be on! I popped some popcorn and settled down to watch. When the Technicolor finale came on, I literally fell off my chair! In those pre-internet days, I had never heard the finale was in colour! I think it was close to what an audience member must have felt like in 1934.

    My next acquisition was a Beta machine, and my first tapes with the tabs poked out were the Cantor Goldwyn films. Having these movies — restored or not, on DVD fulfills the oldest thing on my wish list.
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    Brent Reid

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    It was even later than that: it wasn't released until 13 July 1951 in the US and 2 July 1952 in the UK.

    But you ain't seen ain't nothin' yet: The Black and White Minstrel Show ran from 1958-1978 on UK TV, with its stage show persisting until 1989! Even that wasn't unusual; racist-based films and TV programmes, especially comedies, were a large part of the mainstream here until at least the end of the 1980s. :oops:
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