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Holson 3D Stereo Viewer and Slides

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Andrew M, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Andrew M

    Andrew M Second Unit

    Oct 12, 1998
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    Cleaning out a deceased cousin's estate in Baltimore and came across a box with a Holson 3D Stereo Viewer and slides (in a custom box) from his bar mitzvah 60+ years ago. The viewer isn't functioning so I bought a Radex 3D slide viewer on eBay to look at the slides.What a time trip! Mid-50's gowns, suits, smoking, food, drinks, etc.! It was like a Douglas Sirk or Ross Hunter movie in 3D! Does anyone know anything about Holson? The viewer looks very much like a Brumberger but is a Holson! Any links and any info would be greatly appreciated. The attached photo is not from my cousin's estate but does show a very similar box with viewer and slides. Thanks!

    Vintage Holson Viewer and Slides.
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