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Need Help with HT layout in Large Fireplace-centric LR

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Glorfindel, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Glorfindel

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    Aug 11, 2008
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    I recently moved into a new house and brought all of my old equipment with me. I've been holding off on upgrading until we moved because I didn't know what size or shape room I would be putting my HT in. Well, now we have the new house, I am completely flummoxed with how to set up a viewing area. The living room is large, ~22x25' and very fireplace centric, and of course has a ton of windows. Good thing I waited on upgrading, because the room completely eats my existing equipment, thus requiring (justifying?) a full upgrade. (New pre/pro, speakers, monitor etc. My 7x125W amp might survive)

    (Furniture is from the previous owners, and thankfully took it all with them)

    My original plan was to mount a monitor above the fireplace with a pull-down mount, similar to MantelMount. I think the floating mantel is too high and sticks out to far for that to be a livable solution, and with that setup there's no real place for a center channel speaker, so I rotated the furniture 90* and temporarily hung my TV where the ugly rooster used to be.
    There's just under 4' between the doors, and my 55" TV is a scooch too big, slightly covering the casement molding, and looking a bit out of place. Also, with the distance from the screen, the display appears small and underwhelming.

    Has anyone tackled a room like this before? I had a full 7.1 setup in my old house and would like to at minimum recreate that, possibly add Atmos ceiling speakers.

    Here's a floor plan showing how furniture is currently arranged.

    I'd like to begin pulling wires, but I need some help with where to place equipment. I don't want to go through the effort of pulling cables without a plan, nothing worse that putting a cable in the wrong spot, or forgetting to pull a type of cable.

    Also, we do use the fireplace, so I can't block/remove it.


    Big room, fireplace in the middle, don't know how to set up equipment. Help!

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